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Home of Dodo (formerly unitedthread) is a surface design and illustration company I started in 2008. It began while I was working as a private gardener on a 2 acre property situated on the eastern tip of Cape Cod. The location of this garden (being on a peninsula jutting into the atlantic ocean)  introduced me to a whole new world of flora and fauna that made each day a new discovery. 

The garden was made up of rooms that each had their own identity - from the rhododendron room with lots of shade, pine needle paths, and vibrant blooms, to the sunny scrub pine hill that was filled in by vibrant and fragrant blooming perennials. Being a part of the daily routine in this garden gave me the oppportunity to observe the seasonal shifts and changes of not only the plants but also the birds and insects. During breaks in between watering the vegetable patch and pruning the fruit trees I would skecth these birds and plants and soon would start to make small watercolor paintings at night. Inevitably, with time, the work evolved into something much more elaborate with patterns, narratives, and overall more complex compositions. Over the last 10 years the work has been driven and inspired by my time spent in that cape cod garden but also from environments and gardens that I’ve visited throughout the country. 


Home of Dodo has collaborated with many companies including H&M, Anthropologie, NIKE, Yves Saint Laurent, Land of Nod, Chronicle Books, and Vilshenko to name a few. Home of Dodo currently consists of several handmade goods all made in my studio- including paintings, textiles, stationary, and pottery.  


To view my personal work, please go to my fine art portfolio.

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